Majka Burhardt: Paid to play? How One Woman Made it Her Reality

What if the thing you loved to do most came with a heightened risk of death?

Majka Burhardt has built an extraordinary life and career around risk. A professional rock climber, writer, speaker and filmmaker, she goes to parts of the world most people have never heard of and climbs towering faces, spires and mountains many others deem unclimbable.

But it’s not so much the risk of physical harm that draws her in, nor makes her come alive. There’s something much deeper going on. A rich exploration of the interplay between movement, stagnation, creativity, adventure and possibility.

Majka’s extraordinary approach to the dance between risk, creation and illumination continues to lead her into new ideas, paths and opportunities. It’s almost like she’s in a state of constant manifestation.

Burhardt’s current focus and next big adventure will take her and a team of climbers, scientists and filmmakers deep into Mozambique to not only climb but gather scientific data about a 7,936-foot granite monolith known as Mt. Namuli. She’ll be sharing the adventure in the forthcoming documentary film,  The Lost Mountain.

In this week’s episode of Good Life Project TV, we explore her pursuit of a career that blends physical challenge, travel, connection, storytelling and adventure.

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 Image credit: Celin Serbo

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