Jerry Colonna on Entrepreneurship, Delusion And Peace of Mind


Jerry Colonna, I turned to see my amazing crew leaning in for more. They wanted him to just keep talking.

Colonna is that rare blend of proven entrepreneurial genius meets Eastern philosopher, practitioner, mentor and teacher. High-level startup founders and CEOs, especially in the hair-on-fire tech entrepreneurship world, turn to him to not only right their business ships, but get their teams aligned and on track and get themselves into a better place. One that allows them to more intelligently mount the quest to manifest their dreams, but also be able to live better lives and sleep better at night along the way.

Early in the conversation, I asked Jerry what draws him so powerfully to working with entrepreneurs. His answer…

“Who else is willing to risk everything to do the impossible?” Click to tweet

We spend a solid part of the time going deep into the extraordinary dance between wanting to go big and leave a world-changing legacy but also being present in the daily moments that matter. Which is where the lead quote for this episode comes from.

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