At GLP, we create media, tools, programs and experiences that help you live a better life, then invite you into our community to find amazing friendships, inspiration and support. We’re on a quest to help you live a more meaningful, connected and vital life.

We also take a real world approach and tend to steer away from a lot of the pop-psychology proverbs that make you feel good for a hot minute, but don’t lead to lasting change. We’d rather lean on validated tools, strategies and practices that we know will make a real difference in your life. And, we’re all about building into the life you want in a gentler, more progressive way that honors the responsibilities, resources and constraints of life you’ve already built.

Now, let us break it all down just a bit more for you. Good Life Project has three easy pieces: Community + Media + Education.




At the center of what we do is “intentional community.” What’s that? It’s just a fancy way to say “a bunch of people who come together around shared values, aspirations and a commitment to not just talking about doing something, but actually doing it.” Together! And, what’s that thing? Well, for us, it’s the daily practices, mindset shifts, and bigger actions that help people live better lives and make a meaningful difference, however each individual expresses that.

Our community is thousands strong and global. You can find us in big cities and small towns all over the world. A great place to “ease your way in” is to join our virtual community (below). It’s totally free! And, you’ll get an invite to our private Facebook group, where you can introduce yourself and find others to share, inspire, and support each other.

We are also huge believers in good old-fashioned “on-the-ground,” face-to-face relationships (though for now, for obvious reasons, we’ve gone largely virtual, but that’s not forever). Online is a great place to start, but nothing beats a mug and a hug IRL (for fellow middle-agers, that means “in real life.” lol). So, once you’re in our online community, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find other GLeePers near you and, who knows, maybe even become friends, co-work or have regular GLeeP-Ups!



How do we keep our incredible community inspired, informed, and growing? Well, in addition to creating online and in-person opportunities to gather and learn, one of the ways is by finding deeply-authentic and inspiring teachers and people living extraordinary stories, then sharing and amplifying their voices, stories, and ideas through our Webby-nominated, top-ranked Good Life Project podcast, email and social platforms.

We’ve been on a bit of a quest to find what we call “embodied teachers.” People who don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. You know, those amazing humans who you just sense have figured something important out by the way they live their lives and make meaning. Then, we cajole them into our studio (or, these days, our “virtual studio”), or sometimes travel the world to co-create in-depth, unscripted, often deeply-moving and fiercely wise conversations.

A special note about our media:

When launching in 2012, while we knew every person, voice, and story had merit, we were also focused on the under-representation of womxn in the media, and committed to sharing and amplifying their voices with equal if not more frequency as male and male-identifying guests. We’ve done that, from day one.

Over the last few years, though, we came to realize we’d done a terrible job at balancing representation in a number of other domains. This was not okay. We’ve since expanded our mission to also more proactively discover and amplify voices, stories, and ideas of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, as well as voices from within the LGBTQ+ community.

We acknowledge the profound, multi-generational inequity endured by so many, we still have a lot more work to do, are committed to standing in solidarity, taking action, and being a part of the solution. We’re not yet where we want or need to be, but we’re taking steps, we’ve made big strides, and are getting closer every day. We offer this added context not in pursuit of praise (which is neither the point, nor earned). What we’re doing is not extraordinary, it’s simply right. Our intent is more to publicly acknowledge an awareness of the impact of longstanding systemic inequity, and express our continued commitment to being a part of the change.

The Good Life Project podcast airs twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. You can listen on this website, or find links here to your favorite podcast/audio-listening apps. If you are interested in being a guest or pitching a guest, kindly follow the submission guidelines here.




Building on our community, media and conversations with luminous humans, we also love to create practical and powerful tools, programs, and trainings designed to help people live more engaged, connected, and vital lives.

Over the years, we’ve crafted and offered everything from weeklong international retreats to weekend deep-dives, 3-day strategy sessions, 6-month to yearlong masterminds, and more. Our five-year run of Camp GLP – a 425-person adult summer camp – offered hundreds of activities and workshops on everything from awakened work to mindset, movement, social change, and relationships. And you can be sure, once we emerge from this current season, we’ll be bringing new ways to not just gather, but learn as a community.

We’ve also designed, built, and facilitated a variety of virtual programs focused on everything from conscious lifestyles, brand-building to movement-building, and learning how to tell your story in a powerful way.

Toward the end of 2018, we premiered a new suite of groundbreaking tools and programming designed to help you not only answer, but build your life around one of the biggest questions we ask, “what should I do with my life?” We call these your SPARKETYPES. You can take the Sparketype Assessment and learn more here.

And, of course, we’re always working on new ideas and offerings, so be sure to join our email list so you’re always in-the-know.

“I had the opportunity to have conversations with amazingly intelligent and warm-hearted entrepreneurs… A ripple for courage, deep connection and open-hearted truth. Each and every one of you are in MY heart. I am forever grateful. And, I am forever changed because of YOU.”

Christina Salerno


Our Ethos

We come from all walks of life, nearly every continent, age, gender, sexual-orientation, ethnicity, faith, and more. We are different in so many ways, yet united by our shared humanity, our belief about what really matters, and lens on the world. We celebrate and embrace individuality, equality, passion and compassion, meaningful contribution, advocacy, agency, inclusivity and diversity, and seek collective elevation. We all rise together. We strive to come from a place of integrity, to be vulnerable and open to truth and change (because nobody gets it right all the time, let alone some of the time and change is hard). To be good friends. Oh, and we love to laugh (especially at ourselves). And, love to love. Even when things are hard. Even when life feels groundless. Even when every moment of every day seems to keep offering up “opportunities to grow.” Because that’s when it matters most.

For years, this ethos was spread across a gathering of smaller communities that grew out of viewers and listeners to our media, then became amplified as we all gathered together in real life for different retreats, events and programs. Over the years, we realized it was time to create one central place where all could come to gather and share, laugh and play, learn, and rise. A place where others could also come and call home, where you’d feel welcome and connected whether you’ve been a part of our programs or not. So, we’ve created an online hub for our Good Life Project Community where you can meet GLeePers in the “virtual” space.


How Do You Join?

Just enter your name and email and hit “JOIN THE COMMUNITY.” You’ll get an invite to the community in a matter of minutes, where you’ll then be able to join. Our online platform of choice is a private Facebook group. Though, we’ve found many in our community have also been forming local groups to meet face-to-face more regularly, which we love to see. Once you’re in, you’ll see a simple post that invites you to share a bit about yourself. What next? Say hi. Play. Learn. Ask. Dive in. We’re a pretty friendly bunch.

BTW – This is not a “paid” thing. It is part of our service-mission, to create a safe place to come, to be with folks from all over who, different as they may be, see the world the way you do, and want to be a part of something bigger. Something built around that shared ethos of living well and giving well. Or, as we like to say, “Make. Love. Give!” Can’t wait to see you in the Good Life Project Community!

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Our founders

Good Life Project was founded by wife and husband team, Stephanie and Jonathan Fields. They live in New York City, have one amazing kid, and a small handful of plants they’ve been desperately trying to keep alive for years.

After a career in clinical nutrition, followed by a decade navigating the crazy spin-cycle of the New York restaurant industry, Stephanie brings her extensive background in service, community-building, delight-driven event production, and experience design to GLP.

A pathological Maker, Jonathan can’t stop creating new things, from businesses to books, tools, programs, media, and moments that, in some small way, help people live better lives. His blood type is 72% dark-chocolate.

They are joined by a small group of amazing humans that help make GLP the powerful source of community and growth that it has now become.

Good Life Project and founder, Jonathan Fields, have been featured in: