Seth Godin On Books, Business, Choices and Life


What if YOU got to choose how, when and why to make art, to build the career, the life, the experiences, products, solutions and impact that make you come alive?

That’s one of the central ideas in this week’s episode with my very special guest, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, thought-leader and ruckus-maker, Seth Godin.

In this wide-spanning conversation, we explore:

  • What books really mean and why they’re different than any other medium
  • The real value of ideas versus actions and outcomes
  • Why you should never be afraid of walking away when the market tells you it’s time
  • What his publishing venture The Domino Project was really about and why he ended it
  • Drawing the line between industrial labor and “clean sheet of paper” project-based work
  • Understanding the difference between want and need, stuff and feeling
  • The difference between rapidly scaling, venture capital, mandatory exits and projects
  • The really big change in the world of publishing and what opportunities it opens up
  • How he used Kickstarter to prove demand for his next book & raise more than $200,000
  • Why his focus has evolved into bigger “life” topics over the last few years
  • Why the question “what project should I pick” is a red-herring and what to do about it
  • Why he keeps his private life out of his professional conversations
  • How he defines living a good life
  • And so much more

Join us for a conversation that’ll leave you inspired to think about and look at the world differently, and then act on that shift in perspective.

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