Scott Belsky: Organizing and Empowering the Creative World

Great ideas have no value until they make it into the world and become great actions, conversations, experiences, products, services, companies and art.

Problem is, the most creative people with the biggest ideas are often the worst equipped to be able to make those ideas happen.

Enter Scott Belsky and the amazing team at Behance. For the last five years, Belsky and his team have been on a mission to organize and empower the creative community. To create tools, processes, systems and experiences designed to help creative people bring more of their work to the world.

Along the way, he’s built not only a company fueled by connection and a commitment to personal growth, but a growing catalogue of industry-leading solutions and experiences that now serve millions of creatives globally, including the Action Method tools and system, the creative showcase and discovery engine, the 99u community and conference (formerly The 99%, as you’ll hear in the interview) and Scott’s bestselling book Making Ideas Happen.

And, here’s the really cool thing. That’s still just the beginning, because, Scott’s philosophy is “mission centric, medium agnostic.” He’s not attached to any one particular solution or idea, rather he’s fueled to serve the evolving needs of a community in whatever way works best.

In this in-depth episode of Good Life Project™, we dive much deeper into the genesis of behance, how their “mission centric, medium agnostic” philosophy has created incredible opportunities, how a commitment to company culture, learning and growth has fueled rapid growth, how to harness the power of “free radicals,” what it’s like to build a global creative meritocracy that helps discover hidden talent, what fuels Beslky on a personal level, where he and the Behance team are looking to grow in the future and so much more.

Enjoy the conversation, but more than that, get your pencil out, there’s some serious learning to be had…

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