Mindfulness, Serendipity and the Unplanned Life


What if the ability to live a good life was less about vision and planning and more about openness to engagement and serendipity?

These are all questions we explore in this week’s episode of Good Life Project, featuring music industry exec turned New York Times bestselling author and Shambhala meditation teacher, Susan Piver.

In this episode, we explore the power of mindfulness, both as a way of life and a formal practice. We look at the importance of work and drive, but also explore how being open to unplanned opportunities can create a life that unfolds on an entirely different level.

We follow Susan’s journey from Texas bartender to surprise music executive to book packager to mega-bestselling author to meditation teacher. All unexpected, all unplanned, yet powerful and rewarding beyond words. In fact, this entire journey was set in motion when Susan’s car broke down one day in Austin, Texas.

We’ll also dive into her current quest to expand her ability to teach and serve through the launch of her Open Heart Project. We’ll see how Susan has tapped the reach of the internet and technology to serve thousands of people globally from the ease of her own home and make meditation accessible and available to the masses.

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