Jan Bruce: How One Woman Turned Stress Into Success

“Busy is the new fine and stress is the new fat.” -Jan Bruce

Jan Bruce built a stunning career as a health and wellness media entrepreneur and innovator. She launched and built a number of companies, national magazine brands and, after selling her prior magazine venture to Martha Stewart’s Omnimedia, spent a number of years running the business under the umbrella of one of the industry’s titans.

But, something was wrong. Have lived and breathed health and wellness for years on a professional level, she realized she was no longer living in line with the ideals she was sharing with the world. And, she wasn’t the only one.

So, Jan stepped back and, with a bit of clarity, eventually stepped down to reclaim her own center, her sanity and her health. And along the way, as is the case with most lifelong entrepreneurs, she discovered she was not the only one in need of help.

Millions of other “outward successes” had built lives and lifestyles on top of a house of cards with foundations laid in stress, anxiety and physical decline. And it was causing so much emotional and physical pain.

So, she set out to do something extraordinary about it and ended up founding a new online venture – MeQuilibrium.com – designed to help guide people through a series of “interventions,” mindset shifts with the goal of putting stress back in its box and empowering people to live fully expressed, healthier lives.

In Bruce’s words, “we intend to own the ecosystem around stress.”

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