Nick Onken: How to Become a World-traveling Photographer

Nick Onken was a successful graphic designer.

Until one day, he made a bold proposition to a client that would lead him into a whirlwind photography adventure in Africa.

That one experience would begin his journey into the world of commercial photography…and change the course of his career and life.

Onken is now a highly sought-after commercial photographer who shoots everything from fashion to cause campaigns all over the world.

In this in-depth conversation, we’ll explore how:

  • A willingness to be bold and not wait for permission opened doors
  • The decision to dive into photography full-time happened as an organic extension of his design work
  • A devotion to learning and honing his craft took his work and career to a new level
  • Art and money can go together to create work that is well-compensated but is also true art
  • Becoming a professional photographer opened doors to travel and profoundly changed Onken’s world-view
  • Tapping his gift and his work to give back is an important part of Onken’s life, and
  • So much more

Nick also shares what he believes it takes to become a professional photographer and make a leap into a field that so many try to break into without success.

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