Coco and Breezy Light Up the Fashion World And Give Back


Growing up in a Minnesota suburb, twins Coco and Breezy Dotson ended up working three jobs to help support the family at the age of 16.

Flash forward three years, that same work ethic and drive to develop their own sense of style and way to interact with the world landed the then 19-year-old twins in Manhattan’s white-hot fashion scene.

With only a few dollars in their pockets, they began making their own bold sunglasses out of a tiny shared apartment. Almost immediately, people began approaching them in the street to ask where they bought their sunglasses and offering to buy them “off of their faces.”

The brand took off. In a few short months, Coco and Breezy’s unique shades began appearing on the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Serena Williams and other mega-celebs. And, now, they’re expanding the Coco && Breezy brand and business into a variety of new verticals.

But, it wasn’t all serendipity. Insanely hard work, street smarts, a sixth fashion sense and willingness to be authentic and walk to their own drumbeat and give back drove the rapid ascent.

In this in-depth episode of Good Life Project, we take you behind the scenes of their story, sharing not only how they launched and grew their business, but how being true to who they were, embracing family and being positive role models for kids has been a touchstone of their success.

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