Want to Live Longer? It’s a People Thing

In the last month, two annual reports have come out that offer guidance on who the happiest and healthiest countries in the world are.

They rank each in order. And, the results tend to be fairly consistent year-over-year. The Nordic countries generally report being the happiest. The United States is somewhere in the middle. Similar with health.

This year, though, when it came to health, especially living longer, Italy topped the list. There’s a good chance that, if you’re born in Italy today, you’ll live well into your 80s. Kind of interesting, given that the country has had its share of governmental and economic challenges.

All sorts of reasons have been offered to explain why this culture that loves foods awash in gluten, all sorts of meats and full-fat dairy might rank amongst the healthiest. The Mediterranean diet always takes center stage. The pace of life. But, what if there was something else going on? Something a bit more subtle. Something we’re losing in so much of “developed” Western culture. Which also happens to be behind why America’s rankings are dropping. That’s what today’s Good Life Project riff is about.


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