How to Find Meaning Through Work, Set Boundaries, & Embrace Change | A Good Life Jam With Eric Zimmer

The One You FeedFor a lot of us, 2020 was the wake-up call we desperately needed to be able to look at our lives, how we work and live, what we value, and more with a pair of fresh eyes. Yet, now, almost two years later, many of us are still struggling with how to answer the call. And I imagine that right about now, we’d all love a blueprint or some sort of direction as we try to take what we’ve learned and experienced in the past few years and use it to embrace the new passions, careers, and ideas that have lit us up. 

So joining me today to explore how we can all move forward, with more intention and meaning, in life and at work is my good friend, behavior coach, Certified Interfaith Spiritual Director, host of The One Your Feed podcast, and writer Eric Zimmer. But this format is a bit different. Eric and I have been having these deep private jam sessions for years, centering topics that fascinate us and matter to all of us. So, we thought we’d get together, turn on the mics, and dive share one of these deep dives in a more public way. And we tee up three topics we’ve both been exploring: finding meaning at work, setting and sustaining healthy boundaries between work and life, especially when you love your work, and we also explore what it looks like to really embrace change and create new habits in a practical way.

You can find Eric Zimmer at: Website | Instagram

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