Fewer Things Better.

Ever wonder, where is the sweet spot between pushing multiple projects forward simultaneously until you see which one is most likely to succeed AND drilling too many wells at the same time, ensuring that even though all may have serious potential, you never get enough traction in any to hit oil in any, let alone signal it’s the right one to move forward? That’s why my motto for this year has become “fewer things better”. And, that’s what we’re talking about on today’s riff.

Good Life Science Update. And, on the science side of things, today, we’re diving into a cool new study on the relationship between money, happiness and fulfillment. And, as always, for those who want to go to the source, here’s a link to more about the study.


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SPECIAL NOTE – The Thursday episodes are going on hiatus for the spring. So, we’ve been looking at and listening to trends and realized that, while we loved producing two shows a week, it’s been creating a bit of overwhelm for a lotta people (okay, admittedly, for us, too). We’re all about ease, not overwhelm, so with that, we made the decision to put our Thursday show on hiatus, at least for the spring. I’ll be sharing any longer “thought pieces” as essays on various places around the interwebs instead, and we’ll be adding a mini “GLP News & Tips for living” spot in the beginning of our Monday jams. So, be sure to tune into our weekly Monday episodes!

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