The Danger of Hindsight | Exercise Your DNA

Good Life Riff: Ah, hindsight! As they say, it really is 20-2o. When we look back at some decisions, we think, “wow, that was such a great call, I’m pretty smart.” But, then there are those other decisions. You know, the ones where a year or two down the road, you look back and think, “what is wrong with me?! That was a terrible decision. How could I not have seen this terrible outcome coming?”

Then, there’s THE TRUTH. We did the best we could “at the time.” But, we don’t see that, because of a quirky cognitive bias known as “Outcome Bias.” In this third episode in our series on cognitive bias – aka – the weird things out brains subconsciously do to make us do things that make no sense – we dive into this one particular quirk that leads up mired in self-doubt and crippled confidence.

Incidentally, you can check out the two earlier episodes in the Cognitive Bias series here and here.

Good Life Science: And, in our Good Life Science segment, we’re diving into some fascinating new research on how exercise activates your genes, turns on and tunes up those sparkly little power-plants of the cell — the mitochondria — that we tend to shed with age (causing all sorts of not-good things). Turns out, especially for those a bit later in life, moving your body in a very specific way just might them back on, grow a bunch of new ones and light up your genes in a good way. And, as always, for those want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study.

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