A Faster Path to Peak Performance: Optimize the Core

There are times it makes sense to throw money at a problem, and times when that’s not only the worst thing you can do, it’s also the least effective.

When we think about performing better, whether it’s at work, in sport, even relationships, we often focus first on the things that are easiest to “tweak.”

Without fail, those things are less about the “core of the matter” and more about ‘optimizing the margins.” And, if we can do it by buying our way to better, investing in higher-end gear, apparel, equipment, supplies, materials or technology, we try to replace work with money.

Thing is, that’s often the least effective way to get where we so desperately want to go.

What if, instead of spending all of your time, work and money optimizing the margins, you focused instead on optimizing the core? Not by purchasing your way into it, but by working your way into it?

That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s Good Life Project Riff.

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