Ryan Lee: A Second Chance at Work and Life.

From the outside-looking-in, Ryan Lee had it all.

After 6 years working in a hospital helping physically-disabled and sick kids find more joy and ease, Ryan felt the tug of entrepreneurship. So, he left the job he loved to play in the world of “internet marketing,” where he quickly made a name for himself and went on to built numerous, hugely-successful companies in the health and nutrition field. Along the way, Lee married his college sweetheart and was raising four great kids. He owned a beautiful house in Connecticut, worked from cafes and loved life.

Then, everything started falling apart…

Ryan’s body began to betray him to the point where he could barely walk. He’d soon learn that was just a symptom of a much larger reckoning. A wake-up call that would test his health, his business, his closest relationships and lead to a complete reboot of his wellbeing, his living and life. And, as is his pattern, scratching the itch of his own wellbeing, Ryan began to notice a serious gap in the market. This culminated in the launch of a new professional path and a new company, REWIND, that is on a mission to produce nutrition solutions that “turn back the clock,” and make life better and easier, starting with the world’s first “super-bar.”

Ryan has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, on dozens of TV shows, has spoken on stages to over 100,000 people and has been called “the world’s #1 lifestyle entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur. But, what you’re about to hear in today’s conversation is the deeply-personal, raw and honest side of Lee’s story that has never before been told in any of these outlets. A story of rising-high, crashing-hard, deep-reckoning, then realigning with a giant heart of service.

Be sure to listen to the end, where Ryan answers the question, “what are you afraid of?” His answer is powerful reset to all who aspire to big things in the world.

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