Introvert Entrepreneurs: A Quieter Approach to Building Business

Can you start and build a business if you’re an introvert?

This was a question from our someone in our listening community. Truth told, it’s a question we get on a pretty regular basis.

There is a lot of mythology about how social, forward-facing and mass-scale public you need to be in order to be an effective founder of a business. You have to be constantly “out there,” a raging extrovert working big rooms, interacting with huge numbers of people because, hey, it’s a numbers game, right?

Except that it’s all a lie. Many of the greatest creators and founders of our generation have much quieter and more selective social wiring. They are introvert entrepreneurs, and they leverage this social orientation to great advantage.

That’s what the focus of today’s Good Life Project Riff is. Busting the myth of the extrovert entrepreneur and making space for the introvert founder.


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