A Crazy Story About Creative Karma and Work That Matters


It was a moment that nearly brought me to tears…

As an entrepreneur, a writer, a creator, a big part of why I do what I do is simply the hardwired need to create. I do the thing I “can’t not do.”

The process of creation breathes me.

Being able to write, to build, to produce, these things all light me up. But there’s another part of the equation. It’s the part about how the things you create land in the world. How other people experience them.

It’s part about whether they matter not only to you, but to those who might, in some small way, engage with what you make. To those who might just be left changed, or at least moved in a meaningful way.

Often times, you never get to see this part.

But, every once in a while, you stumble onto them. This week’s Good Life Project Riff is about one of those moments. It happened through pure serendipity. It involved a guy named Steve and a venture he called Exit Plan B. The image in this post created by him.

Neither of us knew what was really happening or how we’d truly affected each other until we’d been working together for months.

Until the moment everything came full circle. And it left us both jaw-dropped.

Enjoy the story!

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