The Content Marketing Delusion: Work Still Matters

There’s this unfortunate delusion that’s gaining credibility in the world of entrepreneurship and careers.

The road to growth is paved with “content.” Write, film, record and produce content and the world will rush to your doorstep.

You don’t have to put your “self” out there anymore, just put your content out there.

Problem is, it preys on a particular fear, and it’s based on a lie. At least, in part.

Content, done right, can be a fantastic mechanism to build an idea into a platform, a brand, a reputation, position, entity, business or organization. But, it’s also a way to hide from the other piece of the launch and growth pie. The side of the equation that is about something else. Something that scares us. Something that, skipped, will still leave you playing a losing game. That’s what today’s GLP Riff is about.

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