You Don’t Have to Go Big to Make a Big Difference.

There’s this idea out in the world that if you want to make a real difference, to make meaning, you have to go big. Be massively public. Take the giant risk. Build something vast and complex. You’ve got to be the wave that crashes on the shore.

That is, indeed, one approach to leaving your mark. But, there’s another. A gentler, more nuanced version or meaning-making. One that allows your impact to come from a single, thoughtful drop in the human pond, knowing others will be moved, then carry it forward. One that allows you to just do the work you want to do, then let the idea amplify and expand as it touches others.

I call this the ripple effect, and in today’s episode, share a story about an experience a camper, Rick Charlie, had when returning home from Camp GLP this year that illustrates how our journeys came together to make a difference in a stranger’s life.


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