Finding Home

 width=Today, we’re answering a powerful question from a listener who writes:

“…how do you find a sense of place and home, when we live in an increasingly mobile world? This is a topic often discussed among people in the development community who move often. We all struggle with our sense of “home” and what that means. I also wonder if it is also a wider issue for entrepreneurs who do not need to necessarily be in “one place” to work. It has come up among your guests from time to time. I know this is of particular interest to my friends and colleagues- who all practice various forms “personal grounding” for want of a better word – whether that be meditation or other rituals.”

In this week’s Riff, we explore a few key elements to finding and creating that sense of home, no matter where you are in the world. Hint: it’s as much about people as it is about place.

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