What Story Is Your Life Telling?

There’s a line in the Good Life Project Living Creed:

“Life is a story if you wouldn’t read the one you’re telling, write a different ending.”

That’s what today’s short and sweet GLP Riff is all about; the role of stories in our lives. What is the story you’re telling with the way you’re living your life?

Maybe more important, are you living a “storied life?”

When you think about the arc of your time on this big blue orb, what are the tales, adventures and legends? How rich are they? How filled with color, taste, smell, sound and feel are they? How abundant is your life’s library with stories that move you, even just thinking about them? Even if they’re not happy ones?

It’s not about how much they make you laugh (though they may), or how well you’re able to tell them. It’s about how deeply you’ve lived them.

Stories are a signpost of your willingness to engage with life.

In the end, what if a good life is a storied life?

That’s what we’re exploring in today’s jam.


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