The Killer App Is You: A Good Life Riff

jonathancolorThis episode is a Good Life Project “Riff.”

What’s that? A short, punchy riff on one particular topic that matters to a life well lived. Generally no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

As always, these won’t replace our weekly in-depth conversations, but if you like them, we may produce more and add them in as supplements to the weekly conversations. So let us know if you want more over on Facebook or Twitter.

This week’s Good Life Riff is entitled – The Killer App is You. It’s about the mistake we’ve all made when we try to make a mad grab at success by doing the wrong things and relying on delusion and illusion.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

The best of the best, the people who are now and will in the future eat you for lunch, build themselves, through fierce effort and expert guidance, into unstoppable human engines of intelligence, creativity, intuition, compassion, service, expression and heart. Then, they build a culture that empowers the people they bring into their endeavors to do the same.

They exalt self-knowledge, personal growth and meaningful expression as the heartbeat of success.

And they are hyper-aware that they, on an individual level, are both the keys to the castle and the sand in the machine. Equally capable of fueling acceleration and impact or delusion and collapse.

“If you really want to invest in something, invest in you.”

If you’d like to read the entire essay, the story was originally told on Jonathan’s blog.

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