The “Hair on Fire Minus One” Method To Getting More Done In Less Time

jonathan-2-19Back today with another GLP Jam Session.

Today, I’m answering one of the most frequently asked questions of me…

How do you get so much done and still have a life?

Every time someone asks me that, I kind of chuckle. Because in my mind, I don’t. I see where I’m going and what I want to create and how much more I could be doing and I feel like I need to find new ways to produce more.

That said, I’ve also become aware that I tend to put a lot of things out into the world on a pretty consistent basis. And, I realized, there’s one thing I learned waaaaaay back in my mega-firm lawyer days that’s served me well on the productivity side of things. And, funny thing is, I learned it largely because I worked in a different tower than the partner I was on a project with and he didn’t ever turn on his computer.

It’s not a system or book. And it’s a bit counter-intuitive. I call it my “Hair-on-fire-minus-one” method. You can learn about it in this week’s GLP Jam session. Check out the video, listen to the audio and be sure to subscribe either by email (below), iTunes or Soundcloud so that you never miss an episode.

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