How to Release Criticism and Embrace Your Calling

Good Life Project wtih Tara Sophia Mohr and Jonathan FieldsThere a certain inertia that often takes hold of our lives when we hit a certain age.

One that says “you know that dream, it’s just not that realistic, so why don’t you just buckle down and do the adult thing?” It’s the voice of the inner critic, sometimes bundled with a whole lot of outer critics.

Together, they keep you from playing big. From refusing the call to do something that might leave you exposed. How you handle those voices, that’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode.

My guest today is women’s’ leadership expert and author of Playing Big, Tara Sophia Mohr. Fresh out of Yale and on her way to becoming Shakespeare scholar and women’s’ activist, she took an unexpected turn. Mohr headed to Stanford to get her MBA, where she confronted both the reality of the largely  “male-born” and sense of disempowered voice.

bookEmerging into the world of business, she kept seeing more of the same all around her. Powerful, strong women not stepping into that power and strength. And she wanted to do something about it. This became her calling. We dive into her remarkable journey in this week’s conversation. You can learn a lot more about her process in her new book, Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message

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