Social Risks: When is it Worth It to Say Hello?

What happens when you take a social risk?

Simple truth, we’re all wired for a certain level of human interaction. Some of us cannot get enough of other people. We’ll walk up to anyone, introduce ourselves, enter conversations and engage with just about anyone, even total strangers. It’s a bit like each new human is a gift box and you just cannot wait to unwrap it. There is no fear, only excitement.

Others, though (and that’d be me), take a more cautious and sometimes even a more fearful approach to moving into social scenarios. We take our time, we wait to be invited, we contribute only once we feel completely at ease and confident what we share will land well. This “social conservatism” can serve you well. It can keep you safe from rejection or confrontation. But, it can also be a huge disservice. It can isolate you and remove you from stunning opportunities for connection, growth and adventure

This is what we’re talking about on today’s Good Life Project Riff, along with a simple story about a moment where taking a social risk changed everything.

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