Roundtable: Bad Things, Biased Media and Crazy Cons

Today’s episode is part 3 of our latest experiment, a new show format we’re calling Good Life Project Roundtable™.

What is it? A new weekly show that won’t replace, but will be added to our long-form conversations and short riffs. Two “guests-in-residence” and I will be hanging out for the better part of a month, usually 3 weeks. This really lets you get to know them and benefit from their deep interests and lens on life.

In each Roundtable, we’ll go deep into three specific topics. And, the thing is, nobody knows what the other person’s topics will be until they hit the conversation.

My guests-in-residence for today’s episode of Good Life Project Roundtable™ are Playing Big author, Tara Mohr and yoga-educator, Erin Moon.

Our three topics in this episode:

  • Can you find the good in everything, or are some things just bad?
  • Money, media and bias, what’s the deal (and why do you care)?
  • Crazy cons, has it ever happened to you?

It’s fast-paced, fun, utterly unscripted and at times a bit raw, but always good-natured and very real. Enjoy! And let us know if you like this format, over on social media.

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