Reframing Fear: The Upside of Risk, Failure and Judgment

GLP Jam session 1 src=So excited to be premiering a new type of episode today – GLP Jam Sessions.™

Jam Sessions are shorter, 7-10 minute bursts of information focused around a single topic. Sometimes it’ll be just Jonathan (that’s me writing in 3rd person again, lol). Other times, we’ll assemble a small panel to kick around thoughts on a few specific topics, challenges and questions.

Not to worry, these are not replacing the full-length interview shows, they’ll always be our anchor format. We’re just exploring ways to respond to the many questions that have been submitted in a shorter, more direct, actionable format. So, we’ll mix in Jam Sessions here and there.

Today’s GLP Jam Session is all about…fear. Fear of failure. And fear of judgment.

I’ve written a lot over the last few years about how to overcome or rather move through fear of failure and fear of judgment. This episode focuses on a single technique that can be hugely effective at putting fear in it’s right place. Transforming it from a source of pain and paralysis to a source of fuel and mobilization.

Enjoy. And, if you know anyone who’s struggling with fear-based challenges, feel free to share this episode.

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