The Power of Personas: Unlock Your Inner Boldness

What if we could tap into the hidden superhero, savant or performer that lays buried deep inside us to do things we could normally never do?

Not as a way to hide or put on a mask, but as a way to mine a secret wellspring of latent boldness and often creativity and energy that allows us to make, lead, build and inspire on an entirely different level.

This is the power of creative personas.

The ability to unlock a part of ourselves, step into it and while inhabiting this rarely-revealed alter-ego, breathe life into ideas, experiences and outcomes that would’ve never seen the light of day but for the power of the persona.

In an odd twist, rather than serving as a false self to hide behind, personas often allow us to share more of ourselves with the world. That’s what this week’s Good Life Project Riff is all about, starting with an observation about a writer whose in-person, everyday persona is profoundly different than his writing persona.


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