Is Curiosity The Secret to an Extraordinary Life?

What if there was a single trait that was a virtual unlock key for an extraordinary life?

Ok, maybe there’s not a single magic trait, but there is something I’ve observed that seems to be omnipresent in the lives of those who live great lives.

It doesn’t matter whether, they’re movers, shakers, artists, makers, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, caretakers or anyone else. This one trait seems to be some kind of good life ignition switch.

What is it? Curiosity.

Turns out…

Curiosity is a key driver of a life well-lived. (tweet this)

And that brings up a question…

Is curiosity a childlike state of wonder you are born with or can you develop the trait of curiosity by following a set of practices?

The answer may surprise you. We dive into this question and come up with some eye-opening and actionable answers in this week’s GLP Riff.

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