Why You Need a Point of View. Swearing and Pain.

Good Life Riff: We hear a lot of talk about finding your voice. Truth is, it matters, but it’s also not enough. Not if you want to stand out, rise above, create impact and make meaning. There’s something else that we need to both cultivate and share. And, in today’s world, it matters more than ever. What is it? Your point of view. That’s the focus of today’s riff.

Good Life Science: Swearing, cussing, cursing, it’s got many names. Some people revile it, others revel in it. No matter how you feel about swearing, though, it turns out it has a very specific benefit when it comes to your ability to tolerate pain. In today’s Good Life Science Update, we’re diving into fascinating research on the topic. And, as always, for those want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study.

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