Are You Measuring Your Success With the Wrong Metric?

Are you measuring your success by the wrong metric?

It’s so easy to get caught up in vanity metrics. To measure how full your Good Life Buckets are with the wrong metrics. Funny enough, I got caught in this trap. And, the irony is, it was all in the process of measuring my success with my new book, How to Live a Good Life.

Even though I’d committed to playing a “long-game” with this book and know the ideas and potential for impact are what matters most, I got swept up in the pursuit of a different metric. A short-term accolade that’d be wonderful, but in the end, not the truer measure of success.

That, alone, isn’t terrible, if it’s more of an “icing on the cake” metric that compliments a deeper value set and a truer measure. But, for me, for the moment, it became my primary goal. And, when I didn’t succeed by that metric, it not only caused unnecessary pain, it kept me from acknowledging and feeling gratitude for both what mattered more and the amazing “real” success, the impact the book is having.

Awakening to this, the importance of choosing the right metric to measure your success and life, and to understand how better to fill your buckets, is what today’s GLP Riff is all about.


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