The Truth About Luck [a 4-part formula]

Luck. It’s a source of envy, denial, opportunity, anger, frustration, creation and astonishing success.

When it happens to us, we revel in it. When it happens to everyone but us, we lament it.

It’s become vogue in the world of performance and popular psychology to say it does not exist. Luck, we are told, is just preparation meeting opportunity. And, maybe there’s some truth to that. But, it’s not the WHOLE truth.

There is more to his equation. Four elements, to be specific. Here it is:

Luck = (Quality x Volume / Serendipity) + Openness

All elements must be in place to “get lucky.” Three are within our control, but that fourth, not so much. We don’t like this, because we want to believe the path to success is entirely determined by will. If we want it to happen, we can make it so. But, when you talk to many of the most successful people in all fields, you almost always find something different.

And, that’s what today’s Good Life Project Riff is all about. A four-part formula for luck that acknowledges both the parts we can control, and the parts left to something bigger than just us.

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