How Do You Know When to Take a Leap of Faith?

A lot of the decisions we make are about tiny tweaks that, in some way, make things better.

But, on occasion, life hands us a seeming opportunity to “do something BIG!” Something that holds the potential to profoundly change our lives, the lives of others and maybe even bring into existence a new paradigm, profession, body of work or worldview.

The thing about these moments, they always include giant leaps of faith.

There is no way to know or prove you’ll succeed at something big and new before you actually do it.

In fact, if you could prove it’s success in advance, that tells you it’s not actually big or new. Because, the only way to do that is if you’ve already done it before, or if someone else has. Then, it’s no longer the revolution you’d hoped it might be.

So, when you are faced with the decision to say yes or no, to allocate time, money, energy or resources to something potentially game-changing, where you don’t know how it’s going to end, how do you make THOSE decisions? On THAT level?

Do you trust others? Do you look for data? Do you trust your intuition?

That’s what today’s GLP Riff is all about.

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