The Will to Change Must Come From Within

Ever try to help someone who had absolutely no interest in being helped?

It’s one of the most frustrating experiences we can have. Maybe it’s a family member or partner. Maybe it’s a close friend or colleague. Or even a customer or client.

So many times, we end up banging our heads against a wall trying to motivate or force others to care, then impose a solution they never asked for, because we “determined” it was in their best interest.

We do this in our personal lives and, not infrequently, in our professional lives, too. But, even if the action we’re looking to compel is, in fact, in that other person’s best interest, until they care as much as we do, it’s game over.

Today’s short and sweet GLP Riff dives into this phenomenon, shares a story of how Jonathan bumped up against it while looking to build a personal training practice years ago and what he learned.

In the end, there’s one simple truth. You can motivate action externally for a moment or even a window in time, but the sustained action needed to create real, lasting outcomes can’t come from the outside in.

The will to change must come from within.

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