How You Handle No Is How You Handle Life


It’s such a simple word, and yet…massively impactful.

Too often we find ourselves standing toe to toe with No—challenging it as an unwarranted slight, or an underserved rejection.

My question is—why?

No isn’t about passing judgment, it isn’t about demeaning your worth—it’s about communicating “X” is not the best possible fit for the promised outcome of “Y”.

At Good Life Project, we use applications for our events to ensure the audience consists of individuals who will get the absolute most out of what we’re doing…It’s not about denying people, it’s about ensuring we can deliver on expectations. Theirs and ours.

No is not a personal attack.

No is not a critique against the backdrop of your life.

No isn’t a slam, it’s a powerful data-point. Fuel for growth.

In today’s short and sweet Good Life Project Riff, we share a “Tale of Two No’s,” exploring how two different people responded to a No profoundly differently, and how each person’s response likely informs both the way they move into the rest of their lives AND the way the world rises up to support or seems to war eternally against them.

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