Hoping Others Fail Is Not a Strategy

121_CampGLP2014We see it around us every day. And, yes, we’ve been that person.

The one who wants something so badly we’ll take it any way we can get it. Including hoping the person or organization we’re up against, our competition has a really bad day.

But, is that really winning? Is that what it’s all about? No matter the “objective score,” will it make us feel the way we want to feel?

Or, will it lead to a paper win, but a hollow heart?

Beating someone else’s bad day isn’t the same as stepping into your best.

What if you could go about it differently? What if you could reframe winning on both a deeper and larger scale?

What if you could not only win, but change the zero-sum structure of most games in a way that elevated not only you, but the human condition.

That’s what this week’s GLP Riff is all about.


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