When to Hold, Fold or Change. Walking Into the Fire.

Ever wonder how to know when it’s time to hold, fold or change?

At some point, we all end up walking into the fire. We feel the fierce heat of intense pressure, anxiety, uncertainty, challenge and frustration. Often, it’s self-generated, sparked by a project, company, quest or venture we’ve launched ourselves into.

It’s not fun. But, at the same time, that same place also holds potential for astonishing possibility. At least, you think it does.

But, inevitably, you reach a point where you begin to wonder whether the fire you’ve set yourself or wandered into is the one that’s about to burn you (meaning, you should turn and run), or the one that meant to steel you for the next big breakout?

More simply put, how do you know when to hold, when to fold or when to change?

That’s what we’re exploring in today’s GLP Riff.

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