Unplug to Plug In: Creating the Space for Brilliance

GLP Riffs PicYou want to be known as someone who changes the game.

Someone who brings amazing ideas, solutions, insights and potential to everything you do. You want to make real things happen. Things that matter.

So you plug in. You mainline digital information, entertainment, pretty much any and all forms of data. You squeeze every possible moment out of the time you have, consuming, creating, connecting, rinsing and repeating. Occasionally, you breathe, but only if forced.

Partly because it gives you more to think about, talk about and integrate and create. But, also, because it’s just become your default. Space terrifies you. And maybe, just maybe, you’re even driven by a little bit of FOMO.

Thing is…

It doesn’t matter how productive you or how busy you are if the ideas you’re building on don’t represent the best you have to offer.

And your best ideas rarely, if ever, come when you’re filling every millisecond of your life with something to do.

Genius comes when you disconnect from tasks and reconnect to space.

To plug into your best self, you’ve first got to unplug. To create the space for brilliance to emerge.

That’s what we’re talking about in today’s short and sweet GLP Riff.

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