Riff + Science: Burn the Ships; Carrots and Curiosity.

We’re excited to premiere a new segment on today’s episode. Along with our weekly Riffs, we’ll be bringing you a new weekly Good Life Science Update™ where we share interesting research on a specific topic designed to help you live a better life.

And, we’ll also be bringing in other fun segments and maybe even a few new voices. So, stay tuned!

Today’s riff topic.

When does it makes sense to go all-in on a new career, business or idea and “burn the ships” so you have to succeed, OR do it on the side and take the “safer” and less-disruptive approach? Hint – anyone who tells you to do one or the other without asking a critical question first…is very likely wrong!

Today’s Good Life Science Update.

We all know that fruits and veggies can make us healthier, improve energy and reduce the risk of disease. But, did you know that they also may make you more curious, creative, upbeat and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose? Some very interesting research suggests that veggies just might be power tools in ways we never imagined! And, we’re breaking it down for you in today’s GL Science Update.

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