Build Your Platform: The Mortal Battle Between Craft and Reach

jamsession2“For those who are inclined to become not just a craft person/artist, but an enterprise, the world of possibility is astonishing right now.”

Everyone’s telling me “you’ve got to build a tribe, a platform if you want to thrive.” But, whatever happened to the old “just be great at your craft and the world will find you” approach to building a business or body of work that pays your bills?

That’s what we’re talking about on todays GLP Jam Session…

It’s true, the world is changing quickly; somewhere along the line, technology has given entrepreneurs and artists the opportunity to reclaim direct access to those they seek to serve. To build a large, engaged following. But, just because you CAN, does that mean you SHOULD?

You can rail against it or you can roll with it. In this week’s episode, we explore why you’d do either, why I choose craft + connection and what’s it’s allowed me to do. Hint, it’s all about balancing your desire to do great work with your desire to earn enough to do only great work (or mostly).

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