3 Things That’ll Stop Your Creative Process From Destroying You

jfsnowThe single biggest dream-derailer is not what you think…

Creation can be an all-consuming experience. It pulls us so voraciously that we’re tempted to stop doing the one thing—actually three things—that enable us to do our great work in the first place. 

These three practices transform the experience of creation from one of that has the potential to crush you and lead to suffering and frustration and turns it into a process defined by power and potential. Hint: I’m doing one in that picture to the left.

Trust me, I know from experience. I’ve fallen in and out of these practices throughout the years. And every time I fall out, I pay the price. So do those around me, and so does the quality of what I’m trying to bring to life. What I realized is that if I want to put myself out there, if I want to devote myself to doing something extraordinary in the world, then I’ve actually got to exalt these creation and life-sustaining ideals.

Watch the video to learn 3 Performance and Mindset Optimization Techniques that have helped me stay connected in a way that allows me not only get things done, but feel good doing it and do my best work.

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