Before You Can Choose Joy, You Have to Choose You.

Ever know someone who just radiates light? Someone who is unapologetically joyful? Even under the most challenging circumstances, there’s this heartbeat that celebrates what is good?

What is it about those people? What makes them that way?

Probably a million different things. But, there’s one fairly universal choice that I’ve come to believe serves as a bit of a gateway drug to joy.

It’s something that became apparent in a conversation I had with Eat Pray Love and Big Magic author, Elizabeth Gilbert back in 2015. That conversation, in fact, left such an indelible imprint that it became the basis for an entire chapter in my new book, How to Live a Good Life.

In today’s very special GLP Riff, I read an excerpt from that chapter, share a pretty remarkable revelation about Gilbert and also offer an invitation to make a choice that just might change everything.

Here’s a quick quote from that excerpt, listen to the Riff for the full experience:

The moment you choose you, the heaviness begins to ease. Seeds of lightness begin to grow. That doesn’t mean all of life’s problems drop away, but you get to turn loose the wellspring of energy that was being used to prop up the illusion, using it instead on the process of reconnecting with people, joy, meaning, and lightness.

Enjoy the passage. And, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the book yet, be sure to grab yours today. it’s available at booksellers everywhere. Or, to make it easy, here are a few quick links:

Final thought. If you’ve been following Liz online recently, you know she’s moving through a challenging time right now. So, I wanted to take this moment to also send a little love her way, along with wishes for continued access to lightness and grace. <3


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