Annoyed or Blessed? It’s a Matter of Choice

What if the “perceived imperfections, quirks or annoyances” that triggered you in other people were the very same things that, viewed differently, reminded you how blessed you were (and how great they were)?

Today’s GLP Riff about a simple idea, a realization that so much of what bothers us in life is actually the very same stuff that lays the seeds of connection, meaning and grace. The challenge is, we don’t see the opportunity to choose our response. We default to behavior, assumptions and actions that cause agitation and separation instead.

In today’s GLP Riff, I share a favorite scene from the movie Good Will Hunting (the whole movie was so good), then a moment of awakening in my own life around something seemingly small that led to a big change in heart. Whether we experience the quirks and behavior as others as an annoyance or a blessing, more often than not, is a matter of choice, if we’d only stop long enough to question our defaults.


In a moment, I chose to see something that’d been bothering me not as an affront, but as proof of love. It was a small, seemingly innocuous thing, but the decision to see if differently changed everything.

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