What If Your Pain Wasn’t About Weakness?

glp-riffYou wake up one day with pain in your lower back. Happens to the best of us.

Popular wisdom says, “oh, you’ve got lower back pain, you need to strengthen your abs to support your back and it’ll go away.” Or you need to strengthen this or that or the other muscle, your problem is weakness.

A similar thing tends to happen across all parts of life. You’ve got a problem, it must be caused by some weakness somewhere. Easy fix, find the weak link, strengthen it and build around it.

Problem is, there’s often something much deeper going on. A level of misalignment and dysfunction that’s causing the pain. In your body, and yes, even in your life. And when you try to strengthen into that more fundamental dysfunction, very often you end up making the pain even worse. It actually deepens the dysfunction.

So, what do you do instead? That’s what this week’s short and sweet Good Life Project Riff is all about.

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