What Would I Tell My 20-something Self?

Short answer: chill out.

Slightly longer answer: Change the way you measure success, and run experiments.

For the next handful of years or, who knows, maybe even the next decade, use a different metric. Instead of money, power, prestige, rank, relative wealth or any of those things, elevate self-discovery as your primary measure of success. Because if you don’t do it now, you’ll find yourself yearning to do it 20-30 years down the road and wondering if it’s too late.

That’s what today’s Good Life Project Riff is all about. In today’s short and sweet jam, we offer three critical self-discovery questions, ones to ask yourself and use to guide what you say yes or no to. Ones that may take a lot of experimentation and a solid chunk of time to answer, but once answered will set up the entire rest of your life to “succeed” on a profoundly different and far more meaningful level.

Now, on to the three questions…


P.S. Mistakes are OK.

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