Jonathan Fields

Life is a Contact Sport [6 mins]

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How much of your life are you living in your head?

If you’re like most people, an awful lot. It’s great to have a rich inner life, but when that noggin-talk stops you from engaging with the world around you, it’s time to stand up and say, “I’ve got a problem!”

This week’s 6-minute Good Life Riff is a wake-up call.

I’m known among my friends as a straight-shooter. In part,¬†because I’ve seen far too many brilliant would-be entrepreneurs, artists, authors, world-changers, etc. keep themselves in analysis paralysis while their incredibly important ideas go to waste.

So I’m calling out the over-thinker, the inner-debater and the cranium critic in each of us.

Get out of your head, and into your life!

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