You Are Enough

Funny thing about competence. With rare exception, we so often look at others and think they’ve got it so much more together than us.

They’re more skilled, smarter, more established, more connected, better able to do the thing we most want to do.

Except, it’s almost always a lie.

We’re all in that same “looking at the person ahead of us and wishing” boat. Thinking someday we’ll get there. Or, maybe giving up and wondering how do we just be okay being okay.

When we determine our own self-worth, happiness or sense of fulfillment in comparison to others, we always lose. Because we’re comparing our insides to their outsides. And, even if we knew their insides, they’re not us.

So, here’s the thing.

This day. This moment. We ARE enough. You Are Enough.

That’s what this week’s short and sweet GLP Riff is all about. And, it’s a response to a listener email we recently received.

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