To Succeed at Anything, Do This.

Success is not just about knowing what to do. It’s about doing it.

Information, plans and goals will not get you where you want to go. Success is about something bigger.

To succeed at anything worth doing, you must make key shifts in your environment, mindset and community that “turn on” the actions needed for game-changing results.

I call this “Success Scaffolding.” It applies to everything, from weight loss to business, and relationships to careers.

In today’s episode, instead of our traditional guest conversation, I’m sharing what I call the “7P Success Scaffolding™” framework.

Every element, every step, nothing held back. Why? Because it is that time of year when millions commit to big, new, deeply-meaningful goals, only to walk away or fail by the time we hit February. Not because we don’t want it badly enough. Not because we’re not smart enough. But, because we do not have our Success Scaffolding in place.

This is my New Year’s offering. I shared it for the first time in 2017, and it feels like time for a refresher as we enter 2018. It is about helping you make this year different, bridging the gap between hope and reality.

You may want to open your “notes” app to take notes. Or, if you’d like a PDF mind-map of the entire 7P Success Scaffolding framework, be sure to sign up for our Weekly Insider Updates. I’ll include a link to a free downloadable PDF in our next dispatch.

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We first aired this conversation in January 2017. I’m so excited to share this “Best Of” episode with you now.

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