Brene Brown: On Gratitude, Vulnerability and Courage

brene-croppedThis week’s episode is a replay of a powerful conversation I had with famed author and grounded theory researcher Brene Brown.

Brene and I met a few years back while speaking at a conference together. We clicked immediately, grabbed lunch and laughed a lot. I asked her to come share a bit of her journey with our community. The conversation that unfolded left me changed.

Brene’s fascination with what she calls wholehearted living eventually led her to explore how we dance with shame and vulnerability. She wrote about this in her blockbuster book, Daring Greatly. I asked her to join me on Good Life Project in October 2012 and the conversation that unfolded moved us both to tears at various points. Brene was so beautifully real, raw, candid and wise.

A few gems –

“Being courageous is more important to me, as a value, than succeeding.”

“I have no intake at all of any feedback or criticism from anyone who’s not in the arena.”

We also talked about gratitude and the power of honoring the smallest moments, that’s when things got emotional. And that’s led me to decide to re-share her gorgeous spirit and words with you during this week of thanks and gratitude. Enjoy!

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