People often ask us, “what exactly IS Good Life Project?”

There are so many ways to answer that question. It’s a quest to incite possibility and inspire people to craft more vital, connected, engaged and meaningful lives. It’s a mission-driven venture that produces media, programs and events that help people live better lives. It’s an ethos, a set of sacred values and beliefs that guide the way we make, love and give to those around us.

But, on an even deeper level, Good Life Project is a community. A fiercely connected group of people who’ve come together from around the world to learn, grow, share, create, collaborate, celebrate and help each other rise. Over the years, our members have even come up with a fun name for themselves, “GLeePers!”

We come from all walks of life, nearly every continent, age, gender, ethnicity, faith and more. We are different in so many ways, yet profoundly united by what is the same. Our shared humanity and belief about what really matters, and our lens on the world and desire to both be with lit-up humans, and help others rise.

For years, this ethos was spread across a gathering of smaller communities that grew out of programs we’ve run, from online trainings to year-long intensives and our annual Camp GLP celebration. These “mini-tribes” continue on. But, we also realized it was time to create one central place where all could come to gather and share, laugh and play, learn and rise. A place where others could also come and call home, where you’d feel welcome and connected whether you’ve been a part of our programs or not.

So, with that, we’re excited to share our Good Life Project Community. Here, you’ll meet GLeePers from our more focused groups coming together to connect and share. And, you’ll also find new members who simply want to be a part of this bigger ethos and embrace the idea of living from a more intentional, joyful, lighter, connected and meaningful place.

How do you join?

Check out our simple and fun Good Life Project pledge below. If you’re nodding along and saying, “yes, I feel that way too,” just enter your name and email and hit “JOIN THE COMMUNITY.” You’ll get an invite to the community in a matter of minutes, where you’ll then be able to join.

Our online platform of choice is a private facebook group. Though, we’ve found many in our community have also been forming local groups to meet face-to-face more regularly, which we love to see. Once you’re in, you’ll see a simple post that invites you to share a bit about yourself. What next? Say hi. Play. Learn. Ask. Dive in. We’re a pretty friendly bunch.

BTW – This is not a “paid” thing. It is part of our service-mission, to create a safe place to come, to be with folks from all over who, different as they may be, see the world the way you do, and want to be a part of something bigger. Something built around that shared ethos of living well and giving well. Or, as we like to say, “Make. Love. Give!”

Can’t wait to see you in the Good Life Project Community!

The Good Life Project Community Pledge:

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A good life is an intentional life. I will not define myself simply as a reaction to who others want me to be. Nor be ruled by meaningless distraction or maniacal busyness without purpose. I am here to live, not surrender. To embrace meaning. To love unconditionally. To give without expectation. To settle into solitude. To make meaning. To participate, not watch. To create, not copy. To be unapologetically me. To rise up, and help others rise. I believe that this moment seeds every moment. Vulnerability is a virtue. Life is growth, stagnation is death. Presence beats presents. Compassion is a gateway to connection. Life is a co-creative process. With rare exception, everything is better when it’s shared. These things I know. These things, on my best days, I aspire to live. And, yes, I am now and always will be a work in progress. It’s called being human. A good life is not a place at which I arrive, it is a lens through which I see and create my world. It is lived this moment. And the next. And the next. Let’s do this!

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